Buying & Selling Shares

Investing in shares in the Baronsmead VCTs can provide a tax efficient form of investment for individuals aged 18 or over who are UK tax resident. Investing in VCTs is high risk due to the underlying investments and the market in VCT shares is illiquid.

The rules governing VCT investments and tax reliefs are complex. You should consider seeking advice from an appropriately authorised and qualified financial or other professional adviser when considering buying or selling VCT shares.

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Scam Warning

Investment in smaller companies which are unquoted, or traded on AIM or ISDX Markets, by its nature, involves a higher degree of risk than investment in larger companies. Trading in VCT shares is not particularly active, so shares tend to be valued at a discount to their net asset value and may be difficult to realise. As a result, Shareholders may be offered a price which is less than the full value of the underlying assets. The spread between the buying and selling price of such shares may be wide and thus the price used for valuation may not be achievable.